Casino War Strategy – Online Casino Tips

If you’ve been trying to practice how to play online casinos games in order to improve your game, then save yourself the trouble and just play Casino War. Casino War is exactly like that war game that we used to play as children. The gameplay is intrinsic to those who are familiar with the game and very easy to assimilate for those who haven’t.


How to Play Casino War

The gameplay is highly simple. The game is usually played with six decks, although some online casinos offer much more. These cards are ranked according to their value, regardless of the suit, with the ace as the most valuable card of all. In the beginning, the dealer will take a card and hand you one. If your card has the higher value, then you win. If the dealer’s card has a higher value, then you lose. In the event that your cards are the same, then you can either choose to lose half your bet or ‘go to war’ with the dealer. During ‘war’, the dealer burns three cards in all. After which, he will deal a card to himself and to you. If your card has the higher value or ties with the dealer’s card, then you win even money on your second bet and you also get to have your initial bet back. If your card loses, though, then the dealer will win both your bets.


Betting Strategy

Here’s something you should understand before you play: Casino war is a game of luck, so there’s no pattern to look for and no betting system that will make your victory certain. It’s important to understand this from the start so that you can focus on managing your bankroll. Casino War happens to be one of the few card games which actually gives the player a decent chance of winning. The house edge usually depends on the number of decks used in the game. The more decks there are, the bigger the house advantage, so it’s important to ask how many decks there are in the game before you begin playing. Look for an online casinos that only uses a few decks and stay away from the ones which have more than 6. Either way, Casino war is one of the few casino games which actually allow the player a decent chance of winning. Indeed, if you’re after a fun time with a decent profit, then this might just be your game.

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